Attic Mold Causes For Athens and all of Northeast GA, Georgia, And The Surrounding Areas

Attic Mold Causes For Athens and all of Northeast GA, Georgia, And The Surrounding Areas

Attics are places where scary creatures like to hide. The real monster is mold, which can destroy your home and make you and your family ill. You can also find mold and mildew in your attic and other places in your home, like under the sink, behind the walls, and in the basement. In order for mold and mildew to grow, there must be excess moisture. Because of its moisture issues, the attic is a place where toxic mold is more likely to develop. We have compiled 4 mold causes in the Athens area in this article in order to help you out if you are having the same issue.

1. Poor Attic Ventilation

Poor ventilation, which causes poor insulation, is one of the leading causes of attic mold. Poorly spaced vents, lack of a quality vapor barrier, or unusual use of vents usually result in the problem. The air gets trapped inside the attic as a result of inadequate airflow, and that leads to moisture buildup, regardless of the spacing issue or the type of vents installed. Therefore, ensuring proper ventilation means ensuring that the vents are not only spaced, but are also the same.

2. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are also a common reason for mold in the attic. The improper installation of the roof or wear and tear on the roofing material can cause water damage to seep into the attic, providing ideal conditions for mildew growth. Mold can grow rapidly in your attic even if the leak is barely noticeable. The moisture is unable to escape from an insufficient ventilation system and builds up way faster. Find information here if you suspect mildew is growing in your crawl space or basement.

3. Vents Exhausting into the attic

Many homes have this problem in their attics. A heat leak occurs when hot air is emitted from the kitchen, bathroom, or dryer vents rather than outside. Some homeowners prefer this method to prevent young animals from getting into the air vents or birds from making nests in the vents, but directing most air from the vents upward can result in a favorable environment for black mold growth.

Because not only is the air wet (damp smell), but also hot, this is a worse problem than a roof leak. You may want to consider hiring a professional to redirect your dryer vent, kitchen exhaust vent or bathroom exhaust vent to the outside, or call us to assess the problem and determine your options.

4. Poor Insulation

We end our list with missing insulation of your attic floor or poor insulation of your ceiling fixtures. These issues can cause moisture buildup in your attic. Keeping warm air in your house from spreading to other areas, such as the attic, is important with insulation.

The four most common causes of mildew in the attic are listed below. Do not attempt to go up there to remove water or mold infestation from your attic if you suspect you have such problems. Crawl Space Guys can assess the mold situation immediately and take action by removing the mold if it has been present. All of our quality services come with free quotes.

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