Basement And Crawl Space Mold Causes For Athens and all of Northeast GA, Georgia, And The Surrounding Areas

Basement And Crawl Space Mold Causes For Athens and all of Northeast GA, Georgia, And The Surrounding Areas

Mold can cause such destruction in and outside of your house. This component affects the structural integrity of the house and can cause structural damage. Thus, you ought to search for a reliable mold removal expert for the purpose. You should come to Crawl Space Guys if you find that you have a mold infestation in and around your house. We are based in Athens, Georgia. Basements and bathrooms are especially susceptible to the growth of mold. However, we can bring about perfection to your home with the right solution.

For this purpose, we can provide a number of services including:

Basement And Crawlspace Mold

As a matter of fact, mold likes to grow deep under your house. It can be attributed to the low humidity levels and the cold temperatures. You can ruin the structure of your house with a basement and crawlspace mold. You need an expert solution for this purpose. We can give you the perfect solution as per your need. To get rid of the mold in your house, we use an advanced technique. This type of hazardous damage can’t help but be caused by poor ventilation, direct water lines leaking, and condensation. In order to properly create ventilation in the basement, we install vents. Before wiping off the wall, we need to remove the source of moisture.

Basement Encapsulations

You could destroy your entire house due to basement moisture. Poor air quality in the house can result from this. Your health may also be affected by it. The advanced mold treatment we offer can save your health. The encapsulation is the process of sealing. The crawl space is covered with a heavy-duty polythene base. The crawl space is controlled by a dehumidifier to maintain a constant level of moisture.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage will have to be kept at bay by keeping your area dry. Water damage to a house can be detrimental to its structure. Keeping your home protected from this kind of damage is our job. In order to remove water damage spots, we basically use advanced equipment and techniques. We can maintain your home and give your house good treatment, so that your home is safe from future damage and protected.

Why You Should Choose Us

We provide top quality and outstanding service to our customers. We have been encapsulating crawl spaces and removing mold for five years in the Athens area. Additionally, all our services are accompanied by a free quote. We will be able to let you know the overall cost and after that you can make a decision to hire us. Regardless of the size of the problem, our experts can clear your house of mold. For our mold inspection and treatment customers, we offer free quotes. All emergency services are also covered by us. Regardless of the problem, our technical staff is capable of solving it.

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Our attic encapsulation service and mold remediation services are free. Please contact us today at 770-842-4733 to schedule your appointment. Upon visiting your home, our contractors can explain your options for mold remediation and encapsulation for your basement, or inspect the condition of your attic. We’d like to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about Crawl Space Guys’s services.